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Toolbar in Delphi
Does somebody know how to make a Toolbar for Internet Explorer with Delphi? Like the Google Toolbar.
It does not need to work with other browsers, its enoguh if it works with IE.

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you can buy a professional Dynamic toolbar - pro version

compatible with vista, ie e firefox

you can read from site :

Our goal in developing the most advanced toolbar software was to create a tool that would offer outstanding added value to your users by improving accessibility to your site's key resources at all times.

As you know, customer loyalty is the key to creating and maintaining market share. Dynamic Toolbar establishes an "always on" presence that offers branded content and provides functions that help you communicate more easily and efficiently with your users. Our software helps you better understand how users interact with your site, thus playing a pivotal role in good customer relationship management. If you are looking for customer retention, increased traffic, and online revenues, think Dynamic Toolbar.

With Dynamic Toolbar you can now develop custom toolbars rich with features and content in a few minutes. At last count, we had no less than 60 different customizable options available. If you have any special needs?no problem. We offer custom programming. We also provide stat reports that allow you to track the usage of your toolbar.

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Firsteble thanks for you answer,
I am actually searching for a "FREE" solution to my problem, I am looking for a tutorial that guides me step for step to the building of a toolbar, with the explanation of the various actions, or maybe an open source code with an explanation.
If I have understod correctly the link you sent me sells the source code, or some kind of, ...

Hope somebody can help me in my problem.
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FREE SOLUTION... but why a developer put source code for free...

aha ahahahaa

perhaps you wanted to say code open source ?

bye ... you can use ourtoolbar dot com
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Yeah, that what I meant. Thanks, I will look there and let you know

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This is still not what I am looking for, I now there are a lot of toolbar creators on the Internet, but I 'm looking for a guide to write pure code, should I use some windows DLL's, or what else?
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